The Sport of School

Christian Buck

As a parent, coach, or educator, you’ve probably noticed that many student-athletes are driven on the field, but struggle academically. You may be wondering: What can I do to help?

The Sport of School offers a proven solution: take what you know about your child’s athletic performance and apply it to the classroom.

Every athlete is different. The Rookie sincerely wants to learn but doesn’t know how. The Natural Talent excels but doesn’t know how to cope with challenges. The Workhorse shows intense dedication to skill building. The Spectator simply goes through the motions. The Intellectual focuses on athletics only after they’ve met their academic goals.

Packed with case studies, The Sport of School gives parents, coaches, and educators the tools they need to motivate each type of student. You’ll learn what factors push students to win, how to shift students’ perceptions of school and grades, and why visualizing victory makes all the difference, both on and off the field.

Press & Praise

David Meltzer, CEO and Co-Founder, Sports 1 Marketing

Christian Buck gives us a playbook to success by shifting the paradigm of sports and education. This is a must-read for every parent of a student-athlete.

Paul Carcaterra, Analyst, ESPN

An essential resource for uncovering the most powerful fuel for motivating your kids to succeed in school AND sports.

Deena Maerowitz, Principal, College/Graduate School Adviser

Chris Buck has a gift. He helps kids find what they need within themselves to motivate them to succeed way beyond what they thought possible. He's changed the lives of my clients and their families for the better and is a wonderful resource.

For ten years, performance consultant Christian Buck, has worked with college teams from Brown, Harvard, Yale, and Amherst, some of which reached the NCAA Final Four and National Championship. Alumni of Coach Buck’s academic coaching program, The Sport of School Academy, have gone on to elite schools such as Cornell, Dartmouth, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Penn, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Wesleyan, Michigan, Colgate, and many more.

Coach Buck is also the author of Thinking Inside the Crease: The Mental Secrets to Becoming a Dominant Lacrosse Goalie. Learn more about Buck and his consulting work at or on Twitter @CBuckConsulting.

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