Brian Lauer

More people are turning to member-owned credit unions for their banking needs. But most credit unions can’t provide the wide range of services offered by large global institutions and lack the resources to keep up with evolving technologies. Credit unions must become more flexible to remain vital—and Credit Union Service Organizations can make that happen.

This essential handbook explains the rules, risks, and rewards of forming or joining a CUSO, a working partnership that combines the individual strengths of multiple credit unions and financial technology entrepreneurs. Brian Lauer explores every aspect of this game-changing collaboration, from creation through operation, and the tremendous opportunities it affords credit union management stakeholders and fintech innovators alike.

In a highly competitive banking market, credit unions need to expand their financial horizons. CUSOs offers a bold strategic vision for maximizing efficiency and encouraging innovation to provide credit union members with more options and a higher level of service.

Press & Praise

Jack Antonini, President and CEO of the National Association of Credit Union Services Organizations (NACUSO)

"Brian Lauer is brilliant, insightful, and has probably forgotten more about CUSOs than most people will ever know. His understanding of what it takes to make a collaboration work is invaluable."

Kirk Drake, CEO of Ongoing Operations, author and founder of CU 2.0

"Brian Lauer is a dynamic and key business advisor, thought leader, and legal mind for Credit Union Service Organizations. His wealth of knowledge on credit union regulatory structure mixed with small business legal experience mesh to create a trusted advisor for any credit union-related organization."

Brian Lauer

Brian Lauer is a partnerat Messick Lauer & Smith P.C. and a thought leader in the creation offorward-thinking strategies that link credit unions with private sector entrepreneurs.As an attorney, he steers clients through the sea of regulations and governanceissues that accompany the formation and day-to-day operations of CUSOs and hashelped hundreds of credit unions and CUSOs innovate, collaborate, and generatemore net income. Brian is a much sought-after speaker and facilitator atconferences, seminars, and planning sessions at the crossroads where financial services and new digital markets intersect. Learn more at his website:

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