When Sinners Like Me Come Home

Steele Kelly

While the tales of combat are loud, the stories of returning home are silent. While the effects of war on our veterans are seen, the collateral damage of war on our loved ones is hidden.

This book confronts the uncomfortable conversation of mental health and the glaring need for platform reformation to educate both veterans and their loved ones desperate for hope.

When Sinners Like Me Come Home tells the story of a veteran whose heart and mind remained in war, long after he returned home. With stories ranging from Afghanistan to Nepal, this book tells how he made every attempt to run away from his feelings of loss and hopelessness and from the burdens of war lurking below. Then one night, while dying alone on a glacier in the Himalayas, he could no longer run from his past.

There is a saying, “A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, a smart man learns from his own, and a fool never learns.” Which one are you?

Steele Kelly

Steele J. Kelly served in the US Army as a Forward Observer, earning the Combat Action Badge with more than 334 hours of dismounted combat patrols during Operation Enduring Freedom. In Afghanistan, Steele regularly took part in combat operations that ranged from an air assault mission in southwest Afghanistan to base security in Kabul. After an honorable discharge, he moved to a small mountain town with his truck and his dog, continuing his education in psychology and pre-medicine at Montana State University. He plans to attend medical school and further serve the veteran community.

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