Coming Into Your Own

Glenn Edwards

A business degree may provide you with the credentials to get your foot in the door of many companies, but climbing the corporate ladder to assume a leadership role requires more than an MBA. To really succeed in business leadership, you need a positive mentality, a value system, and a willingness to put in time and effort to achieve your goals – traits that best exemplify how to lead by example and follow others.

Glenn Edwards was born into the business world and has spent decades building and investing in enterprises. In Coming Into Your Own, Edwards shares his lifetime of wisdom, instilled in him by his successful parents and more than four decades in various industries. Citing his own illustrious career path, Edwards will show you how he developed the core powerful qualities he believes every aspiring leader needs – and how you can apply them to your own life.

From a winning attitude and a strong work ethic to good relationships with colleagues and competitors and the importance of giving back, discover how to be a leader whose success is measured not only by financial profits, but by how you conduct business in both your personal and professional lives.

Press & Praise

Richard Albert, Partner at Morvillo Abramowitz Grand Iason & Anello PC

"No one more than Glenn Edwards exemplifies how character - being positive, truly caring about the people around you, always keeping your word and doing what is right - leads to accomplishment. It is not an accident that every venture Glenn touches finds success, because his character, optimism, and energy bring out the best in everyone around him. Glenn's story teaches fundamental lessons to all who seek the secrets of true success in business, and in life."

Steven Madonna, CPA at Madonna & Company, LLP

"I have had the pleasure of interacting with Glenn Edwards on both a professional and personal level. As his accountant and advisor, I have worked with Glenn on many successful business ventures, and his business acumen is second to none. One of Glenn's most admirable qualities is his loyalty to his family, friends, and business associates. I am honored to call Glenn Edwards my friend."

Mikki Lessard and Nancy Feth, Founders of Simply Grace & Simply Serendipity, The Shops at Marketplace

"We are humbled and honored to be mentored by Glenn. As a brilliant thought leader and visionary, Glenn's unwavering inspiration, words, and wisdom have lent us confidence as we navigate uncharted territories in developing a women-operated retail district and destination in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts. With his kindness, vision, wisdom, and generous spirit, Glenn often reminds us of being mindful and aware of the givers and takers of the world. Glenn is a giver. We are incredibly humbled by and grateful for his generosity, wisdom, and experience of life. Glenn Edwards is a rare and wonderful human being, and we are blessed to call this amazing man our dear friend and mentor."

Glenn Edwards

Glenn Edwards joined his parents’ family business in 1980 after graduating from Stony Brook University. After growing the company to become one of the largest home health-care firms on the East Coast, he sold it in 2005. His investment company, Chart Organization, LLC, has holdings in commercial real estate, multifamily residential, retail stores, and recreation companies.

Today, Glenn serves alongside his children, Jordan and Gabrielle, at Mixology, a fashion retailer founded by his longtime friends and partners, the Shapiro family. A firm believer in building strong communities, Glenn has served on the boards of numerous charitable organizations throughout his career.

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