Simplifying Mining Maintenance

Gerard Wood

In the world of mining, both mining and asset management professionals often face difficult challenges to improve plant and fleet reliability or cost. Over the years the mining industry has developed complicated systems and processes to deal with the seemingly complex problems, but in the real world of maintenance, to be truly effective, organizations must first embed the practical, culture-based routines that simplify work so that large groups of people can align and become effective.

After more than thirty years in mining, Gerard Wood has experienced firsthand the persistent maintenance problems that can occur. Throughout these years he has developed effective methods for solving the commonproblems by developing the required culture of ownership and care that will ensure reliable, low-cost equipment performance. In Simplifying Mining Maintenance, he presents two simple models for reliable maintenance management, as well as actionable solutions to common problems causing unscheduled downtime events, increased scheduled downtime, cost concerns, people problems, and poor transition from projects to operations.

Having the best maintenance organization in the world is possible–by getting back to basics with simple, culture-focused routines that people can understand and implement to ensure sustainable equipment performance.

Press & Praise

Phil St Baker, Former CEO of ERM Power Limited and Current CEO of NOVONIX Limited

"Gerard cuts through the theory, pinpoints what's critical, and backs it up with real-life examples. A must-read for anyone passionate about eliminating breakdowns and maximising profits in mining!"

Matthew Grant, Manager, Asset Management at Bluefield--Asset Management Specialists

"Maintenance is a business that's very easy to overcomplicate. Gerard gives us a clear-eyed view on how to cut through this complexity and focus on what adds value."

Mike Anglin, Non-Executive Chairman, Laguna Gold; Director, SSR Mining

"I believe that Gerard's practical approach to simplifying and applying the large number of maintenance tools and procedures available will benefit the mine maintenance community."

Gerard Wood

Gerard Wood is one of the mining industry’s foremost authorities on mining equipment maintenance. In his long career, Gerard has been all over the world, working his way up from a tradesperson to a maintenance general manager with advanced degrees in electrical engineering, business, and mining engineering. As managing director for Bluefield AMS, Gerard helps many of the world’s mining companies keep their machines running with a simple, practical approach that saves money and improves equipment reliability.

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