Listening Brands

JR Little

The old ways of marketing and branding don’t work any more. It’s a new world out there. Social media has changed everything about branding and marketing. What has emerged is a whole new world of exciting possibilities for both the consumer and for business. That is, if you can become a listening brand. With the power of persuasion now moving from company to consumer, you need to understand this change and what it means for advertising and marketing. From a branding expert who has felt the paradigm shifting under his feet comes Listening Brands. Author JR Little is one of the few creative marketing professionals with a deep understanding of social media and how it can reveal exactly what consumers want. In this book you will:

  • Learn the number one attribute of a listening brand
  • Discover how to build an effective listening infrastructure
  • Understand the different types of social data and what they reveal
  • See a simple step you can take, starting right now

If you’re still approaching marketing and advertising with the megaphone in your hand, it’s time to set it down and start listening instead, because the megaphone is changing hands.

JR Little

JR Little is a top media professional with over fifteen years experience in marketing and advertising, across multiple sectors with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies. From technology to finance to healthcare to consumer goods, JR has helped to shape and develop the messages and brands of some of the biggest companies in the world, around the world. Having started his career on a farm in rural North Carolina, JR quickly realized that the farmer’s life wasn’t for him, and moved into media and advertising. He found his niche in helping companies to adopt a data-centric (rather than brand-centric) approach and by listening to consumers—to intimately understand and consistently meet their needs and desires. JR currently lives in London, England, where he works as Global Head of Innovation for media agency Carat. He holds degrees from the University of North Carolina, Pratt Institute, and Columbia University.

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