Fire in the Machine

Carolina Sasson and Jonathan Tofel

As an innovator in a large company working hard to drive growth and deliver products consumers love, your size is an advantage—one that you can leverage for incredible results.

But when it comes to innovation, you can’t rely on big-company strength alone. Between your company’s capabilities and the entrepreneurial ethos underscoring every successful startup lies the sweet spot for disruptive innovation, and the key to unlocking exponential growth.

In Fire In the MachineJonathan Tofel and Carolina Sasson share insight gained from decades spent working within and consulting for Fortune 500 companies. They share the strategies that have helped their CPG clients harness entrepreneurialism and balance the startup mindset with big business systems to unleash the best of both worlds. Fire In the Machine is an insightful journey into the challenges that all great innovators in large corporations eventually face. This is your chance to leverage new strategies and realize the growth that’s possible when entrepreneurial innovation is in the driver’s seat.

Carolina Sasson is the Chief Operating Officer at Mission Field, where she embraces a holistic, iterative approach to help Fortune 500 clients develop big ideas. Starting her marketing career at P&G, Carolina launched a natural food startup in Boulder, Colorado, before spending a decade at Whitewave Foods and eventually leading The Seed Group, an internal innovation incubator.

Jonathan Tofel is the founder and CEO of Mission Field. Before helping companies like PepsiCo, General Mills, and Kellogg’s create disruptive innovations, Jonathan worked in Brand Management at P&G, Marketing and Innovation at Oxi Clean, and was an entrepreneurial consultant for The Clorox Company. Jonathan has founded two consultancies and continues to design and implement models for rapid innovation.

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