Replace Retirement

John Anderson

Conventional wisdom tells you to slow down–but the answer is actually to be more active and motivated than ever.

In Replace Retirement, entrepreneur and advisor John Anderson teaches readers of all ages to look at their future through an exponential lens and create a purposeful, rewarding, and inspired plan. Filled with success stories and proven tools, like John’s unique Legacy Map, this indispensable guide shows you how to:

  • Make the second half of your life better than the first
  • Add ten to thirty years of purposeful living
  • Live your legacy daily by design

Getting older doesn’t mean giving up. Chart a course for a fuller, richer life today, and continue making the world a better place for years to come.

Press & Praise

Peter H. Diamandis, New York Times best-selling author and the founder of more than 15 high-tech companies, CEO of the XPRIZE, executive chairman of the Singularity University

"John is a leader and entrepreneur committed to exponential growth in his coaching, writing, and speaking. When I met John at the launch of my Abundance 360 program, he was helping executive teams achieve their maximum potential. Now he's on a bold mission to disrupt the retirement paradigm with his MTP (massively transformative purpose) to Replace Retirement with Intentional Living."

Paul Akers, founder & CEO of FastCap and author of 2 Second Lean

"Jaw-dropping, inspiring, incredibly well researched. I've read it over and over! If you're in your 50s or 60s and thinking about retiring, you're crazy -- particularly in light of John's compelling argument that these are the absolute best years of your life. I could not agree more and nobody has done a more compelling job to inspire Baby Boomers to seize life! I personally recommend this book to everyone, even in their 20s or 30s, to know what they can look forward to. Life keeps getting better and better, particularly if you adopt John's mindset -- the second half of your life will be spectacular!"

Peter H. Thomas, noted author, Chairman Emeritus EO, Founder & CEO Thomas Franchise Solutions, LTD

"Wow! Captivating reading. John uses himself as an example and cites quotations from Socrates to Warren Buffett to prove his theory that we should never 'retire.' I am in full agreement with John setting his life expectancy at 103. If you are 45 years of age or older, this book is a must-read. Order your copy of this book right now and set the plan in motion to guarantee you live a long, happy and productive life."

John Anderson

John Anderson is the co-founder of The CEO Advantage, a coaching and consulting firm designed to help organizations translate vision into execution and results. In 1996, he founded the Detroit chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Soon after, Verne Harnish chose Anderson to be his first Gazelles coach. Based in Michigan, Anderson speaks to groups nationwide. Visit him online at

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