Entrepreneur Wealth Management Made Easy

Michael Zhuang

You’ve worked hard to build a business, now it’s time to protect and grow your hard-earned wealth. Financial advisor Michael Zhuang understands the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs today. His concise, accessible guidebook can help you secure a healthy financial future for yourself and your loved ones.

Many issues can impact an entrepreneur’s finances. Often, entrepreneurs are too busy in their businesses to care about their personal finances. Zhuang makes it easy, using real-world examples and taking every factor into consideration while providing invaluable insights for:

  • Minimizing taxes
  • Shielding your assets from being unjustifiably taken
  • Investing confidently and safely
  • Protecting your family from unforeseen events
  • Selecting the best advisors
  • And more

Whether you’re running a lifestyle business or an enterprise, just starting out or nearing retirement, Entrepreneur Wealth Management Made Easy will help you make all the right financial moves.

Press & Praise

Hemant Virkar, founder and CEO, Digital Infuzion, Inc.

"This book is a must-read for all entrepreneurs and overall a very insightful read with real life stories and lessons. Michael has done an amazing job of explaining the financial complexities involved in creating wealth and preserving wealth by boiling it down into a simple, concise and easy to understand book. The concepts of work-optional lifestyle and developing wealth beyond your business are truly remarkable ideas that every entrepreneur must embrace if they want to be successful."

S. Tien Wong, founder and CEO, Opus8, Inc.

"Michael has that rare ability to take highly complex topics, such as investment management, and simplify the concepts so that they are understandable. I appreciate his drive and focus to create value for his readers and his clients."

Shye Gilad, founder and CEO, ProJet Aviation

"Finally, a book that addresses the unique challenges of wealth management from a business owner's perspective. A must-read for any established business owner or aspiring entrepreneur."

Michael Zhuang

Michael Zhuang is founder and principal of MZ Capital Management, a financial advisory firm that focuses on wealth management for doctors. Previously, his career in investing included working with Société Générale, PG&E, and starting his own hedge fund. Michael holds dual master’s degrees in mathematics and quantitative finance from Carnegie Mellon University. He blogs at The Investment Scientist and KevinMD and is a regular contributor to Morningstar, Physician Practices, and Investopedia, where he is recognized as a Top 100 Influential Advisor. In his spare time, Michael enjoys performing as a storyteller and stand-up comedian. For more information about Michael and how he can help you, please visit mzcap.com.

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