On Guard and On Point

Jamie Douraghy

Despite being successful, you can begin to grow tired of playing split roles that pull you away from your authentic self. The life you’ve built might appear to others like a dream life, yet it’s a far cry from your reality. You may wake up every day feeling stuck, and instead of enjoying your life at the fast pace you’d envisioned, you’re just plodding along. If you have ever felt this way, Jamie Douraghy invites you to reset and discover a way of living that’s aligned with your inner vision, not someone else’s definition of success.

In On Guard and On Point, you’ll learn how to get unstuck and move towards a more fully integrated life where you can be your authentic self in life, at work, and at home. You will discover your own Why, How, and What to set a new direction for your life. Jamie prepares you to thrive when the pressure is on by drawing on the strategies and strengths that made him a three-time national fencing champion.

Jamie Douraghy

Jamie Douraghy’s Why is to contribute to a greater good in all aspects of life. He does this as an executive coach, team facilitator, and founder of Life Work Integration, an organization that guides people to discover the Why, How, and What that drives them to succeed in life and work. Jamie is also a TEDx speaker, a graduate of EO’s Global Leadership Academy and has an MA from Syracuse University. He’s been married to Katty for twenty-five years, and continues to enjoy the freedom that an integrated life brings.

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