The Happiness Practice

Victor Mena

Some people say you have to hit rock bottom before you find the will to change. I don’t believe that. There is no rock bottom, no hole to crawl out of. These are just theoretical constructs that stop us in our path and stall our potential. You and I can change whenever we decide to.

Doubt, depression, anxiety, and grief are feelings we all face. For some of us, though, these emotions are constant companions that steal our attention, consume our thoughts, and control our lives.

How do you learn to live with your emotions and fight back against depression? What is the path forward, and where does it lead when you’ve been stuck for so long? In The Happiness PracticeVictor Mena provides a practical guide for choosing happiness every day for a more gratifying life. He distills decades of academic research and personal experience into straightforward, customizable concepts for your unique situation and timeline. With exercises that show how to identify distorted thinking, reframe skewed perspectives, and improve decision-making, The Happiness Practice is a must-read for everyone ready to reclaim their life.

Victor Mena is an industrial engineer with a rich educational background, having studied at Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, and University of California, Berkeley. Passionate about understanding how perspective shapes our world and interactions, Victor has partnered with loved ones in support of their journeys to overcome alcoholism, depression, divorce, and terminal illness. Victor practices happiness every day and enjoys traveling, skiing, and reading. He lives in Mexico with his wife and two children.

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