My Story as a Muslim Immigrant in America

Basheer Ahmed

Basheer Ahmed’s remarkable life is rooted in fertile soil that cultivated a passion for learning and a desire to give back to the world. But, this man wasn’t created all at once. Ahmed’s amazing story spans many decades, continents, cultures, and languages, and serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of all people.

Inspired by his mother’s own academic pursuits, Ahmed launched an epic journey for his education. He left India for Pakistan, then the United Kingdom and the United States, where he immigrated to in 1968 to practice psychiatry. Along the way, he started a family and devoted himself to teaching and service as means of reinvesting the spiritual riches life had bestowed upon him.

With candor and warmth, Ahmed shares his story in the hope that future generations may also find fertile soil, value education and spirituality, and grow up in a world full of love and acceptance.

Press & Praise

Prof. Faroque A. Khan, M.A.C.P., director of IMANA International Collaboration, past president of Islamic Medical Association of North America

"This book describes in some detail the story of a very successful Muslim immigrant in the United States who benefitted from the opportunities there and at the same time made significant contributions both professionally and socially, which benefitted the community at large. Dr. Basheer Ahmed has lived the immigrant's American dream, and all of us have benefitted from his contributions in the many areas that he has been active in."

Saeed Qureshi, former diplomat and editor of Diplomatic Times, Dallas, Texas

"This book also inspires all of us to work hard, have belief in God, and move forward. I strongly recommend this amazing book to all those who would like to read and follow the inspiring life story of Dr. Basheer as a good and selfless person dedicated to the welfare of fellow human beings."

Basheer Ahmed

Dr. Basheer Ahmed was born in India and began his studies there. He continued his education in Pakistan and the United Kingdom and immigrated to the United States, where he enjoyed a long career as a psychiatrist, professor, medical director, public speaker, and author of books and articles on mental health issues and Islamic culture. After retiring from private practice, Dr. Ahmed has devoted his time to social service activities and interfaith understanding. A recipient of numerous national and international awards, he was recently honored by the Multicultural Alliance of Fort Worth for his lifelong humanitarian contributions. He lives in Arlington, Texas, with his wife, Shakila, a retired radiologist, and is the father of two practicing attorneys, his son Sameer and daughter Araj.

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