Start Where You Are

Myra Evans-Manyweather

In rural Jim Crow Louisiana, a poor black girl who grew up in a house with cardboard walls is bused to a white high school. Her friends and neighbors tell her she shouldn’t go at all. At school, she is harassed.

Her response? She became valedictorian.

Myra Manyweather was determined to rise somehow. But it was the sight of a female African American Air Force officer walking across her college campus that truly changed her life. Manyweather joined the ROTC. The day she graduated she received her commission as an Air Force officer. For twenty years she traveled the world, solving larger-than-life problems and inspiring others to do the same.

Retiring with the rank of colonel, Manyweather started an entrepreneurial career focused on helping others help themselves. Her message is simple: Start Where You Are and build your ideal life a step at a time. She did it, and so can you.

Start Where You Are is a tale of inspirational triumph over challenging beginnings, proof that faith, grit, and perseverance can defeat any challenge life places in your path.

Myra Evans-Manyweather

Myra Evans-Manyweather is the President and owner of Global e-Talent Network 7 and a 20-year veteran of the USAF with over 30 years combined military and civilian service. She is a certified Defense Financial Manager, certified Process Improvement Green Belt, trained ToPS Facilitator and alumni of the Leadership Federal Executive Board. She lives with her family in the San Antonio area.

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