5 1/2 Mentors

Doug Stewart

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut, or helpless in changing your life’s circumstances? Are you searching for more happiness and fulfillment but don’t know where to look? Doug Stewart doesn’t have your answers, but he knows how you can find them for yourself.

In 5 ½ Mentors, Doug asks you to join him on a journey of enthusiastic discovery to learn and grow from everyone and everything. With personal and entertaining anecdotes, Doug reveals the mentors in your life you never knew you had. You’ll learn how to identify your blind spots, break through barriers, and discover innate greatness that’s been with you the entire time. If you are willing to look for it, a more exciting life is waiting for you.

Doug Stewart is a TEDx speaker, certified Dale Carnegie Instructor, performance coach, and mentorship thought leader. He is known for utilizing original and adaptive methods to help people pursue a life of purpose through enthusiastic discovery. Most importantly, Doug is a devoted husband to his best friend, Merideth, and proud father to his children, Kendall and Kendrick. For more information, visit DougStewart919.com.

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