Values-Based Business Design

LaSean Smith

Every business would love to launch a high-growth product in the global marketplace, but few know how and many are using outdated marketing methods that fail to build an authentic relationship with customers.

But what if there was a way to strengthen those bonds, and your brand, regardless of business budget and size?

Now, there is. In Values-Based Business Design, product strategist LaSean Smith shows you how through a detailed step-by-step guide that reveals:

  • How traditional marketing began, and why it’s going extinct in the information age
  • How to obtain and keep consumers while building brand loyalty through honesty and quality
  • How to determine a customer’s values to drive product design
  • How to market to consumers on any budget
  • How these actionable steps and methods can be implemented successfully by any business, from solopreneur to C-level

Learn how to produce high-quality, high-growth products without sacrificing integrity and how to attract and keep more customers in a sustainable and affordable way.

LaSean Smith

LaSean is a seasoned technology executive who has worked on some of the largest consumer technology products in the world. He began his career in the US Navy, built his software engineering and user experience skills at early-stage startups, and helped pioneer entertainment services on mobile phones. He’s also founded multiple companies and worked as a consultant for clients that include Cablevision, Electronic Arts, Sony, T-Mobile, Target, TOMS Shoes and Warner Brothers Studios.

He currently manages the Windows Experiences business design team at Microsoft and helps build products across form factors that include AR/VR, game consoles, mobile and PC. He’s been fortunate to help launch products that have found their way into the hands of millions of people. His quest continues to fill the world with fresh ideas, new sounds, bold images, and captivating experiences.

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