Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Tai Tsao

Bad meetings waste time. They often feel like a distraction from real work and are typically the result of poor planning, poor execution, or both. Thankfully, two women have dedicated their careers to improving meetings and have written this book to enable you to implement practices that will make meetings propel your work forward.

Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Tai Tsao are colleagues at Meeteor, a company focused on making meetings more productive and meaningful. In Momentum, they combine their years ofexperience to provide a blueprint for success, including actionable tips you can immediatelyimplement with your team. You’ll discover:

  • How poor meeting practices are sabotaging your success
  • Alternatives to holding a meeting
  • How to design and prepare for a productive meeting
  • How to keep the conversation on track
  • How to take effective notes and manage follow-up actions
  • How to implement meeting best practices with your team
  • And more

It’s time to put an end to wasteful, energy-draining meetings. Momentum offers a way to make meetings more engaging, fruitful, and enjoyable for everyone on your team.

Press & Praise

Dr. Paul White, author of The Vibrant Workplace, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, and other books

"Stewart & Tsao provide a thorough guide showing both experienced and developing leaders the core elements for designing and leading meetings."

Yael Zofi, Virtual Teams Expert, author of A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams, CEO of Aim Strategies® Consulting

"Momentum is chock-full of practices that will improve any virtual team's meetings."

Rob Toomey, President at TypeCoach

"Momentum shines a light on the issue of meetings. A quick, fun and powerful book that everyone should read."

Mamie Kanfer Stewart & Tai Tsao

Mamie Kanfer Stewart learned about organizational culture and management from her family business–GOJO Industries, inventors of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer–before launching Meeteor.

Her company builds organizational culture in which people thrive. She holds degrees from New York University Stern School of Business and Kansas City Art Institute.

Tai Tsao is Meeteor’s change management and customer success lead. She has worked with a diverse array of organizations in areas of organization development. Tai is driven to help individuals, teams, and organizations transform the way they work. A native of Taiwan, she holds a master’s degree in social-organizational psychology from Columbia University.

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