Losing Weight Is an Inside Job

Katy Landis

You’ve been fed a lie. Losing weight is not just about food. It’s connected to what makes you reach for something to eat when you feel overwhelmed, even though afterward, you feel more miserable than ever.

Losing Weight Is an Inside Job is for everyone trapped in a cycle of dieting and self-punishment. After decades of struggling, and having achieved lasting weight loss herself, Katy Landis presents powerful tools to help you lose weight for good. Changing her thinking ultimately allowed her to gain control over her eating. What worked for her can work for you too.

Discover the secret to feeling great about yourself while you lose weight and keep it off. Permanently. Learn to deal with painful experiences without being at the mercy of your emotions before taking the first bite. Forget obsessing over calories. Find out how one small change at a time will improve your mind, body, and life.

Press & Praise

Daryl Edwards, Founder of the Primal Play Method and bestselling and award-winning author of several books

If what you've been trying doesn't work, it's time to try something else. This is the something else.

Cynthia Garcia, Founder and CEO at the Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Katy offers a fresh and modern way of looking at weight loss from the inside out. If you've ever wanted to ditch the extra pounds for good and finally embrace a healthy relationship with food, this is the book for you!

Karen Evans, teacher at Danehill Primary School

This whole journey of working with Katy has opened my eyes to what I'm capable of. The changes that have been possible for me to make, including huge weight loss, I didn't think were possible.

Katy Landis is a motivational speaker and nutrition and mindset coach who focuses on the root cause of emotional eating. She has a passion for helping people break the cycle of destructive overeating, develop positive habits, and form healthy relationships with food. She is committed to empowering others to reach their weight loss goals, nourish both body and soul, and transform their lives. She and her family live in the UK.

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