The Investor Protector

David Meyer

Forty years of work and a lifetime of savings. Many of us strive for these goals when we retire. No one can steal the years, but the money? The savings you earned to spend time with loved ones and live comfortably on your terms? Your savings could be gone instantly with one innocent error: trusting the wrong person to invest your money.

It wasn’t until David Meyer took on his first investment fraud case at twenty-eight that he truly understood the decimation caused by devious financial advisors. After winning a record-breaking jury verdict, David has been battling fraudulent financial advisors for more than two decades. Now, in The Investor Protector, he shares the stories of good people enduring unthinkable loss. These are stories of hard-earned success, unbelievable deceit, and avenging triumph. You’ll learn not only how David has helped his clients regain their savings and peace of mind, but what you can do to protect yourself—and those you love—so the future looks as bright as you planned it.

Press & Praise

Andrew S. Grossman, Esq., Managing Partner, Grossman Law Offices

"David's easygoing and selfless character definitely shines through in this book, but don't be fooled. This guy is sharp as a tack, tough as nails, and takes no prisoners when it comes to fighting for those who have been taken advantage of by rogue brokers. The Investor Protector is aptly named, scary, and incredibly informative. Reading it will make individual investors and their trusted advisors informed and grateful for David's undeniable talent and tenacity."

Daniel Roe, CFP®, Barron's "Top 100 Independent Financial Advisor"

"No one is better than David Meyer to help defrauded investors get back what they deserve, and no one is better to teach everyone else how to avoid ever needing his help. David shares stories that readers will find hard to believe of how unscrupulous advisors swindled and cheated money from trusting investors. His stories read like a white-collar crime novel but will equip consumers to protect themselves and their wealth. I highly recommend this book to help avoid being defrauded; I also highly recommend David if you need his legal help."

Joseph Shannon, Esq., Shannon Law Group

"The Investor Protector is a modern-day David (Meyer) versus Goliath story. A young lawyer takes on a long line of silk-stocking Wall Street lawyers and prevails, in a big way. If you are taking on brokers who gambled with your life savings and lost it, don't you want the guy on your side who has taken on the big financial institutions and won?"

David Meyer is the managing principal of Meyer Wilson, a national law firm he founded to represent investment fraud victims in their fight against deceptive brokers. Meyer Wilson is one of the nation’s leading investment fraud firms, recovering millions of dollars for clients throughout the last 20 years. David is currently the president of two bar associations: the Public Investors Advocate Bar Association and the Ohio Association for Justice. Included in The Best Lawyers in America®, David has also been twice named “Lawyer of the Year” by the publication in his practice area and location. For more information about David’s investor claims law practice, visit

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