Connect, Inspire, Grow

Liesbeth van der Linden

The first one hundred days will make or break you.

As a senior executive, success starts with you. How do you navigate high-pressure situations with grace and efficiency? How do you inspire others to create extraordinary results? How do you lay the foundation for a successful global assignment on Day 1?

In Connect, Inspire, Grow, global executive coach Liesbeth van der Linden reveals the crucial components that every senior leader needs in a new role. You’ll learn seven major challenges that leaders at global companies face, effective solutions to combat these obstacles, and how to prioritize responsibilities in the first one hundred days. Leadership is based on connection. Liesbeth explains how to cultivate a healthy mindset and expand your emotional intelligence to inspire trust and unite your team. A must-read for every executive, Connect, Inspire, Grow is your fast track for inspiring influence, making an impact, and fostering high-performing teams.

Press & Praise

Linda Scott, Namibian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland; Namibian High Commissioner to Malta; Namibian Ambassador to Greece and Ireland and The Sovereign Military Order of Malta

I have been waiting for this book my whole life! Having lived in eleven countries, moving frequently and being in leadership positions abroad for over thirty years, I would have loved to have had this book to offer the support I so often lacked. The title drew me in, because the first 100 days are what often mark us, and lay the ground for the next months or years, allowing us to succeed or fail, in particular when it comes to buy-in by those you are sent to lead. Liesbeth's world-class skills have been honed with her boots on the ground. Having studied and practiced what she teaches, she is an extraordinary coach, able to uncover the real issues and provide you with practical tools to address them like few others. You have in your hands the number one leadership tool for success in your new position: the power and method of building connections and trust. As a leader in any kind of organisation, this book is a requirement toward building your own skills and tremendous outcomes!

Michael Drew, eCommerce Head, ASEAN and South Pacific at The Coca-Cola Company

Liesbeth van der Linden guides you through the essential ingredients for successful global leadership. Her guidance in building the foundations to connect and shape a high-performing team in today's dispersed working environments is a must-read for all aspiring leaders of today and tomorrow.

Elberti Uiterwaal-Postma, Senior Vice President Global Quality & Support at First Advantage

A powerful framework for leaders in a global role to connect, inspire, and grow their teams for long-term success. Experience what changes when you start leading from the inside out and start connecting with people at a deeper level.

Liesbeth van der Linden, MBA, is a global executive coach and a recognized authority in the field of leadership. She has vast experience working with multinational companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, PwC, Danone, Vanderlande, Oliver Wyman, and Standard Chartered, coaching senior leaders and executives worldwide to help create solutions that are effective and easily implemented. Liesbeth’s practices are the subject of countless case studies, conversations, and interviews throughout the world.

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