Raising Engineers

David Dettmer

You have the idea, the drive, and now the capital to create the company you’ve always envisioned. Now comes the most important part: assembling a team of high performers.

To build a sustainable business, you need engineers who can execute on common goals. Who do you hire, and how do you hire the people you need? What qualities are you looking for? How will you motivate these engineers and inspire their best work?

In Raising EngineersDavid Dettmer helps you create a culture that reflects your business, establish a working process to cultivate a strong team, and hire the right people to build impactful products. As the leader of Product and Engineering of many successful startups, David has developed a methodology that can help any startup build a high-performing engineering team. Now, he’s helping others discover the iterative cycle for developing teams that will take their business to the next level. This book is your chance to learn from other founders just like you, gain concrete strategies you can use for life, and align your company in the pursuit of common goals.

David Dettmer has been a leader in product engineering for startups for more than twenty years. He’s built several successful software engineering teams from scratch and consulted with hundreds of startup founders on how to hire, build, and optimize high-performing engineering teams. David lives in Austin, Texas, with his family and has raised his own engineer, his daughter.

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