The Cash Flow Solution

Daryl Hillman

It’s on the horizon now: another massive economic collapse.

We’ve endured decades of booms and busts, but we’re about to see an economic downturn unlike any we’ve ever seen. Why? Because this house is built on a poor foundation. Paper-based assets and wild speculations have plunged the global economy into an even riskier mess.

Soon, your stock portfolio, and even your savings account, may all be worth nothing. What happens if your stock portfolio drops by 50% or more? What happens if the government freezes your bank accounts, as they’ve done in Greece and elsewhere? These are scary scenarios, and they may be a reality for all of us soon.

Thankfully, there’s a solution: real estate syndicate investing, which is focused on hard assets with long-term cash flows. In this book, veteran real estate investor Daryl Hillman explains the following, and much more:

  • What real estate syndicates are, and how they function
  • Why cash-flowing investments are much safer than speculations
  • How syndicates deliver high yields with low risk, during all economies
  • How each investor can be as passive or involved as they wish to be

Until now, this type of investing was only available to wealthy individuals who had millions of dollars to invest. But thanks to Daryl’s recent innovations in the industry of real estate syndication, these powerful investments are now accessible to investors for as little as $15,000.

Daryl Hillman

Daryl R. Hillman is an author, entrepreneur, real estate broker, syndicator and investor. A 35-year veteran of the Real Estate industry, Hillman is an expert when it comes to finding and making a deal, and was a participating Broker in a transaction that won the Society of Exchange Counselor’s ‘Most Creative Transaction’ award.

Hillman now focuses his time on Real Estate Investment Syndications. As detailed in his first book, The Cash Flow Solution, a syndicate is an investment vehicle which allows individuals to pool their money and invest in stable, long-term, cash-generating assets like commercial, industrial property and large multi-family housing developments. Hillman currently lives in Alberta, Canada, where he is President of Sundance Capital Corporation, which he founded in 1993 and continues to operate to this day.

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