The Body Cooperative

Sam Slattery

Are you tired of being treated like you’re just another number in the expensive, conveyor-belt healthcare industry while you struggle with less-than-ideal health? Are you frustrated with the endless onslaught of contradictory health information, advice, and fad fixes?

Having personally experienced that pain as a patient, Dr. Sam Slattery set out to discover a better path to health. What he found was one simple truth that would change everything.

“The human body,” he writes, “is an ecosystem. And successful ecosystems, like successful societies and businesses, are based on cooperation and cooperative behavior.”

Comprehensive yet easy to read, The Body Cooperative provides a compassionate, honest, commonsense approach to understanding how your body really works and how to be well again. Based in part on the author’s own life story and supported by experience gained from over 130,000 patient interactions and thousands of hours of research, this unique book explains the true how and why of creating a better life.

Press & Praise

Tim Wise, member of the YPO Southern 7 Gold Chapter

I received great feedback from our chapter on Dr. Slattery's unique perspective on health. His approach is a practical and refreshingly novel roadmap to changing your health perspective and health.

Nishi Chaturvedi, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University College London

Life experiences from birth to adulthood determine your current physical and mental health. Sam Slattery simply and engagingly explains why and sets out how we can improve our health at any stage of our lives.

Dr. Jo Kinder, Senior GP, Member of UK Royal College of General Practitioners

I wish this book had been available to give to the many tens of thousands of patients who sought my advice over thirty-five years of medical practice. A comprehensive manual that explains so clearly the links between mind and body and why taking control of you is the secret to good health. Truly a groundbreaking book for all.

Dr. Sam Slattery is a highly respected and trusted physician with over forty years of experience on the front line of medical care. A practical and pragmatic physician, he is recognized for translating his extensive knowledge into a caring and empathetic approach to helping individuals achieve their best health.

As the founder of Grace Bay Medical Centre, the Caribbean’s first truly integrative healthcare facility, he advises some of the world’s most famous individuals and the people who take care of them. Learn more at

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