Written in the Snow

Elizabeth Rose

Through Written in the Snow, prepare to embark on a global adventure and discover how to convert challenge to opportunity, believe in yourself, and conquer even your highest personal peaks. Liz Rose shares her inspiring adventures of climbing the Seven Summits—the highest mountain on each continent. Every mountain had its own unique challenges, teaching Liz lessons beyond just climbing, lessons that would serve to change her life in every way. Like so many young college graduates, Liz was overwhelmed with what the future held. Desperate for an adventure and some semblance of direction, a father-daughter hike to climb Kilimanjaro led to what would become an eleven-day blizzard on Denali, enduring the frigid cold of Antarctica, and overcoming an unruly battle with altitude to summit Mount Everest. Humbled by each summit, Liz learned that sometimes just saying yes can help you get through the lowest valleys and reach the highest summits.

Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth (Liz) Rose is the youngest Canadian to conquer the Seven Summits. She accomplished this feat in under three years and is one of the few women in history to have done so. After receiving a communications degree from the University of Denver, Liz studied broadcast journalism at the New York Film Academy. Liz was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, with older twin brothers. Liz attributes her adventurous spirit to the ocean and mountains at her doorstep. To learn more about her adventures, visit LizRoseSummits.com.

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