The Human Fix to Human Risk

Lise Lapointe

Effective cyber security strategy requires creating a culture of security awareness. As remote work and new technologies transform our digital landscape, security risks have multiplied. A comprehensive security awareness program is required to ensure everyone understands how to avoid risks.

This revised, expanded edition of The Human Fix to Human Risk guides you through building a security awareness program customized to your needs. The easy-to-use Terranova Security Awareness 5-Step Framework leverages over two decades of industry experience to change behaviors and create a security-aware organizational culture.

Press & Praise

Brandon Koeller, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft

Lise Lapointe is the pioneer in security awareness. She has the success of her clients at heart, and it shows in the quality of the service and excellent content. In this book, Lise divulges her secrets in creating a successful cyber security program. We are thrilled to call Terranova Security our partner.

Shannon Susko, Founder and CEO at Metronomics

Terranova Security's five-step framework provides a common language and systematic methodology for managing a security awareness program. It provides you with the tools and the structure to do it right the first time. It includes all the steps for a successful program and can be tailored to meet any organization's needs. I am a firm believer that to be successful, you need a framework!

Theo Zafirakos, CISSP, seasoned CISO by experience

The ultimate guide to establishing a security-aware culture. To create this culture and change human behaviors, one must have the proper internal support and the right framework. This book will help security leaders interact with stakeholders and learners in a positive manner to achieve the desired change.

Visionary cyber security entrepreneur Lise Lapointe has dedicated her career to growing security-aware organizational cultures worldwide. Her company, Terranova Security, spearheaded personalized, people-centric security awareness programs that reform risky human behaviors. A resident of Quebec, Lise has ranked among both IT World Canada’s “Top 20 Women in Cyber Security” and WXN’s “100 Most Powerful Women” entrepreneurs in Canada.

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