Marriage Without the Sex

Rachel Schaffer Lawson

Forming a business partnership is a lot like getting married–so you better be sure it’s a good match before saying, “I do.” Marriage Without the Sex prepares you to “tie the knot” confidently or to end the engagement before making a terrible mistake.

As a lawyer, Rachel Schaffer Lawson has been involved in countless professional couplings. With insight and quirky humor, she helps you identify the good omens and red flags at every stage of your blossoming business relationship, from “first date” to “wedding day” and beyond. She’ll counsel you through any rough patches to strengthen the union and assist you in preparing a “prenup” to protect your original enterprise. And if the honeymoon ends, her invaluable expertise will make the divorce as painless as possible.

You’re about to promise to share your work life with another. Make sure you’re ready with Marriage Without the Sex.

Rachel Schaffer Lawson

Rachel Schaffer Lawson knows small business because she’s a small business owner herself. In March 2011, she launched Schaffer Law Firm PLLC, providing quality legal services to innovative entrepreneurs, budding restaurateurs, impactful nonprofits, and a wide variety of arts and entertainment organizations. Rachel graduated from Northeastern University, then went on to study business and entertainment law at Loyola University College of Law in New Orleans. She lives in Nashville with her husband, their son, and a half dozen cats and dogs.

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