Volume to Value

David Kashmer

The statistics are alarming. Each year thousands of patients in hospitals and treatment facilities die or are seriously injured through errors caused by faulty care systems, outmoded surgical approaches, and medical-process failures. But there is a proven methodology that can ensure patient safety and positive outcomes in healing and hospital procedures.

Dr. David Kashmer is a nationally known trauma and acute-care surgeon and author who coaches teams to excellence inside and outside the hospital environment. In Volume to Value, he maintains that the identification and adoption of advanced quality tools in healthcare is ethical, necessary, and, in the long run, cost effective. Through illuminating stories that illustrate specific systemic challenges, Dr. Kashmer offers a far-reaching program based on the Six Sigma principles for using data-driven approaches and methodologies to eliminate defects in processes. His plan will empower health-care professionals to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control procedures while eliminating preventable errors system-wide.

The pursuit of improvement is a never-ending process. But profound, measurable results are possible at every level of the health-care system—from admitting to the ER to the operating room—by adopting the systematic approach to excellence that Dr. Kashmer has shared.

David Kashmer

Dr. David Kashmer is the Chief of Surgical Services at Signature Healthcare, as well as a trauma and acute-care surgeon. He earned his Medical Doctor degree from MCP Hahnemann University—now Drexel University College of Medicine—and his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Villanova University through a joint BS-MD program with MCP Hahnemann.

He also earned a Lean Six Sigma master black belt certificate at Villanova. Kashmer holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University.

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