Fuck Aging

Kathleen Sinclair

Do you think getting older means becoming obsolete? Think again. Instead of giving in to society’s doom-and-gloom message about aging, challenge it. Use the skills you’ve accumulated over a lifetime to tap into your creative potential, and get ready for a kick-ass second half of your life!

Enlightening, entertaining, and ultimately uplifting, Fuck Aging proves that no challenge is too hard to conquer—and that anyone, from anywhere, can live a brilliant, vibrant life that truly begins with retirement.

By helping you overcome obstacles and define your strengths, Fuck Aging offers a complete, step-by-step road map to becoming the creative, insightful motivator that the world needs you to be. Now, more than ever, your life—and the vital contributions you have left to make—are worth fully showing up for. Find your purpose, then use it to renew your passion, energy, and joy as you promote lasting changes for years to come.

Press & Praise

Len Leritz, author of No-Fault Negotiating and Interpersonal Negotiations

I needed this. At seventy-eight, I have wasted too many years feeling limited and waiting to die instead of creating the best version of myself in spite of my age and health limitations. The thought exercises and action items are excellent. You cannot read this book without creating a more purposeful life.

Carol Gardner, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and creator of the wonderful Zelda Wisdom

F*ck Aging fits my formula for success. It is a joy to read and will encourage and inspire you to say screw it after fifty...just for the fun of it. You have 'thought outside the cage' while being daring, different, and smart.

Kathleen E. Sinclair is an environmentalist, animal lover, birder, and adventuress who has been on a mission for over fifteen years to reignite and inspire people over sixty to live a purpose-driven second half of life. She has worked with many authors and mentors, including Paul R. Scheele, PhD, Steven Kotler, Eric Edmeades, and Jack Canfield. After sixty, she earned her master’s degree, served in the Peace Corps for two years in Ukraine, and got certified in conflict resolution and mediation working with the court system. Kathleen continues to roam the globe, promoting her unconventional ideas about living an encore life. Connect with her online at kathleensinclair.com. –This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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