John Doe to CEO

Ian Hallett

Learn how to become supremely successful without working long hours, even if you are at the bottom rung of the career ladder.

Meet Charlie Peters. In his youth, Charlie was a kid who lived life in the shadows, nicknamed John Doe by his peers because of his meek demeanor: he was a ‘nobody’. Today, he’s a CEO of a prestigious private equity fund. How did he get there? Through a series of conversations with an old classmate, Charlie explains the principles behind his success. Charlie is frank and specific about what it takes to become successful, and from his story you will learn:

  • What it takes to start with nothing and get to the top of the business world.
  • How to systematically create a career path that ensures you are consistently increasing the scale and impact of your job.
  • How to negotiate an increase your pay without making it hard for your boss.
  • How to eliminate wasteful activity in your work life so you can spend more time doing things more enjoyable.

If you know you can accomplish more but need an injection of motivation and practical guidance, Charlie’s story will break down the steps, and inspire you to take them.

Ian Hallett

Ian Hallett is a senior executive at Regus, the global workplace provider. Throughout his 20-year career, Ian has supported the career and personal development of hundreds of people and has taken this direct hands-on experience and combined it with empirical research to create the John Doe To CEO series. Ian lives in Luxembourg with his wife Barbara, their three children, and dog Spencer.

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