Paul Llewellyn

Most lawyers enter the legal profession with laudable aspirations, but for many, those aspirations soon turn to disappointment, dissatisfaction, and burnout. From how we train lawyers and bill our clients to how we service clients and market ourselves, the legal system is long overdue for a wake-up call. As lawyers, we are failing ourselves and our clients.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Change is possible, even extremely achievable, but momentum must begin within.

In Unshackled, Paul Llewellyn reimagines the practice of law as a more humane and human-centered career, presenting a practical plan for improving the lives of lawyers and, in turn, improving their results and client satisfaction. After practicing criminal and civil law in England and California, Paul brings a unique perspective to an age-old problem: how to update an outdated system. A must-read for every lawyer and aspiring lawyer, Unshackled is a call to action for establishing a more service-oriented and satisfying profession.

Paul Llewellyn is a civil litigator and trial lawyer who specializes in complex, high-profile litigation. Paul earned his law degree from Oxford University before practicing as an English barrister. After moving to California, Paul practiced at an elite Los Angeles litigation boutique followed by one of the world’s largest law firms. In 2012, he co-founded Lewis & Llewellyn LLP, a San Francisco-based litigation boutique. Paul and his firm have received numerous legal industry awards and accolades. He is a rare breed in the legal world, trying cases to verdict on both the civil side for the plaintiff and defense, and on the criminal side for the prosecution and defense.

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