Awakening the ACE (Awareness, Consciousness, Energy)

Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh

You have the power. You possess the abilities to overcome doubt, relieve stress, and live the life you want. All you have to do is tap into your “True Self.” Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh will show you how to deprogram cultural beliefs about who you think you are and to help you uncover who you truly are and wish to be.

In Awakening the ACE (Awareness, Consciousness, Energy), Dr. Ramesh shares his experiences and personal truth. We’re all capable of achieving Manifestation, Enrichment, and Fulfillment in our lives by letting go of outer distractions and embracing our inner selves. Through simple self-guided exercises that can be practiced in just nine minutes, you will learn how to realign your mind, body, and spirit by strengthening your Awareness, Consciousness, and Energy. As you practice these techniques, you will come to trust the knowledge of yourself to realize your Purpose and Potential.

Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh

Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh is a trained orthopedic physician and has worked as a surgeon for thirty-six years. He lives in Dubai with his wife. When his wife, also a medical professional, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, he knew the medicines required for treatment would cause harmful side effects. He also realized that the conventional medical approach to treatment would only target the symptoms, not the root cause of the disease.

His search for a cure, including research and practice over the last two decades, has led him to the secrets of health and vitality. He is now a worldwide leader in the science of Awareness/Consciousness/Energy and Manifestation/Enrichment/Fulfillment technologies. He teaches workshops on these techniques, specializing in Age Management and the science of Youthful Aging.

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