Your Next Adventure

Marshall Rowe, Jim Fitts, John Weeks

Every good business owner has an operational plan—but only 17% create a fully articulated transition strategy. Even then, the focus is usually on monetary and legal concerns, ignoring the important emotional and lifestyle effects of the change. To take on your transition happily, successfully, and securely, you need a holistic plan that incorporates personal, family, and financial concerns.

In Your Next Adventure, the team from Harvest Capital shows you how to craft a robust transition strategy that considers your business, personal, familial, and community needs. From pre-sale to post-sale, Rowe, Fitts, and Weeks will help you plan ahead, assemble the right professional advisors, and incorporate your values, legacy, and loved ones into every choice you make.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your next venture. Your Next Adventure will prepare you for a future filled with potential, purpose, and satisfaction for you and those you care about.

Press & Praise

"Tom Brown, former CEO and co-owner, New Hampshire Distributors "

"The sale or transition of ownership of a business is undoubtedly one of the most important events that an owner deals with. Adequate planning is an absolute necessity to ensure the desired results. This book is a great tool in preparation for the actual sale. It is Exit Planning 101."

Nancy Amato, business owner spouse, Alene Candles

"The information provided in this book will be extremely useful to any business-owning family as they approach a business transaction. The authors of this book helped us realize that the personal impact to our family and to ourselves was equally as important as the financial aspects."

Rob MacLeod, co-CEO of Bigelow LLC, an M+A advisory boutique

"Ensuring the success of private businesses beyond any individual or family is paramount. This book provides insights into the issues private company owners face as they think through their personal and family transitions. We have shared many clients, and Harvest Capital 'gets it' when it comes to the emotional side of these transitions."

Marshall Rowe, Jim Fitts, John Weeks

Marshall Rowe, President, CEO, and founder of Harvest Capital, has over thirty years’ experience developing portfolio strategies and analyzing investment opportunities. Jim Fitts, CFP®, Managing Director, and Chief Planning Officer, has been assessing personal and business financial positions and advising family-owned businesses on ownership and succession for more than forty years. John Weeks, CExP, Managing Director of Family Wealth and Business Transition Planning, has been working in wealth management, commercial banking, and family business for over thirty years. Together, at Harvest Capital, they help clients attain life goals, as well as financial objectives.

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