The Parent’s Roadmap to Autism

Emily Gutierrez & Jana Roso

When your child has been diagnosed with autism (ASD), finding an effective treatment can be a complicated journey filled with wrong turns and dead ends. In this first-of-its-kind guidebook, Emily Gutierrez and Jana Roso suggest an alternate route that can lead to substantial developmental gains for your autistic child.

The Parent’s Roadmap to Autism describes a holistic, biomedical approach that has already helped countless children become more connected to the world around them. Unlike traditional medical methodologies that view ASD as a behavioral disorder, this groundbreaking process treats the body as an interconnected set of systems, not merely symptoms that need management. It focuses on toxicity, genetics, the gut, nutrition, and has been effective for easing the internal stresses that can escalate autistic behaviors.

If you’re feeling helpless, hopeless, and over-burdened, take heart! There’s a new path to follow. The Parent’s Roadmap to Autism will show you the way.

Emily Gutierrez

Emily Gutierrez received her doctorate from Johns Hopkins University with a focus in translational medicine and integrative health, is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, a certified practitioner through the Institute of Functional Medicine, an adjunct faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, and a seasoned speaker, writer, and researcher.

Jana Roso

Jana Roso holds a Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Sciences, a Master’s in Nursing, and is a certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, trained through the Institute of Functional Medicine and the Medical Academy of Special Needs. Together, they co-own Neuronutrition Associates, a clinic specializing in children with neurodevelopmental delays and all things functional medicine.

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