The Language of Pain

Trevor Campbell

For people dealing with chronic pain, just getting through the day can be a trial. In many cases, your only treatment options are opioids and other analgesics and a puzzling choice of self-help options. But there’s a way to reduce your suffering that isn’t focused on drugs or expensive pain management programs.

In The Language of Pain, Dr. Trevor Campbell provides practical tools for alleviating your agony. Based on years of experience, Dr. Campbell’s approach builds a solid foundation for success and targets the behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that trigger the specific brain centers that generate pain as a continuous threat signal. He offers clear recommendations for simple, effective actions to improve your quality of life and dramatically lessen the physical distress you endure every day.

At last, there is an accessible and durable evidence-based, non-pharmacological approach for reducing your pain and getting back to living!

Trevor Campbell

Trevor Campbell is a family physician who studied medicine at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, before emigrating to Canada, where he became interested in treatments for chronic pain. He has worked in multidisciplinary pain management and opioid reduction programs, and has served as medical director for a leading pain management provider in Western Canada. When not involved with medical matters, he enjoys literature and is an avid hiker, cyclist, and traveler.

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