No Magic Bullets

Rob Waite

There is no surefire way, or magic bullet, to achieve success in business. International senior executive Rob Waite discovered that the tools for creating success are more complex than one concept or one formula that many authors have pushed in the past. Experience has shown him that there are seven foundational capabilities today’s high performing business leaders need to master:

  • Understand the Purpose of a Business
  • Create a Strategic Value Proposition
  • Get the Right Things Done
  • Exert Leadership and Influence
  • Possess Mental Toughness
  • Engage
  • Proactive Career Management
  • Pivot from “Me” to “We”

In No Magic Bullets, Waite brings you the wisdom and experience of fourteen incredibly successful executives. He provides step-by-step instructions for mastering each of the Seven Capabilities that every serious corporate executive, private equity-backed executive, and entrepreneur need to know and do in order to reach their goals.

No Magic Bullets is unlike the formulaic models of the past. It is a new way to think for yourself in business and in life. This is the definitive foundation for a prosperous future for your career and your company.

Press & Praise

Hon. Alberto R. Gonzales, former US Attorney General under President George W. Bush and current Dean at Belmont Law School

"Compelling, insightful, and practical, Rob Waite clears the smoke of magic bullet solutions and provides real-world knowledge applicable to any business leader striving to build an actionable plan of success."

Jim Kane, Chairman, President, and CEO, Pittsburgh Corning

"Indispensable...hard-earned wisdom and actionable advice vital to personal success in any business today."

Mike Callahan, CEO, Gypsum Management & Supply, Inc.

"Rob Waite has written an informative and pragmatic guidebook of how to achieve lasting business success in the real world. Woven throughout, Waite also uniquely addresses how to align and obtain solid teamwork that creates a legacy of success."

Rob Waite

Rob Waite is a Managing Director with the firm of Allen.Associates, a retained senior executive search and leadership advisory firm. He has been an international senior executive at Fortune 500 companies, CEO of a large privately held company, and CEO of a successful private equity-backed entity recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies. He has served on numerous corporate boards and has lived and worked in Europe, Latin America, and Canada.

Rob’s broad scope of work at top U.S. corporations, private equity portfolio companies, and entrepreneurial pursuits has informed his business insights and writing. His book The Lost Art of General Management was a global success. In No Magic Bullets: Hard Things Great Executives and Entrepreneurs Knowand Do, Rob interviews 14 top-tier executives and presents his innovative Seven Capabilities essential to business mastery and success.

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