The Abundance Codes

Regan Hillyer & Juan Pablo Barahona

The Abundance Codes book is a series of 52 secret codes that have the power to create massive shifts in 9 key areas of your life.

The book is the culmination of Regan and JuanPa’s combined experiences and journeys of self growth over the years. They knew they were being called to share the secrets of manifesting abundance to their followers, and this is how The Abundance Codes was born.

The Abundance Codes works in a truly unique way to bring about abundance in multiple areas of your life. The 52 codes, that also are represented by beautifully designed geometric patterns laid out in the book and also in a seperate card deck, work in conjunction with what Regan and JuanPa call ‘the limiters’ which basically help you unblock negative and limiting patterns of behaviour you aren’t consciously aware of.

By releasing these blocks and rewiring your thought patterns, you allow for abundance to flow into all areas of your life you choose.

Juan Pablo Barahona

Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa) is a transformational spiritual leader. He has inspired millions around the world with his various teachings of abundance in life and a connection among humanity for over two decades.

As an internationally recognized visionary, speaker, and founder of JuanPa Global, his brand strives to help people understand and realize their true purpose in life. His powerful messages concerning love for oneself and others are now available in both online and offline formats. Connect with JuanPa today to begin the process of reaching your full potential.

Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, mindset coach, and global speaker. She is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, a company dedicated to providing personal development and business training to those with a big message to share. Regan has trained thousands of people and helped them build multiple seven-figure businesses using powerful mindset-changing tools and cutting-edge business development strategies. As a certified master of NLP, master of hypnosis, time dynamics specialist, and a success strategist, Regan has invested substantially in her personal development and business journey and takes pride in continuously learning from key industry leaders.

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