The Five Lost Superpowers

John Reid, Andrew Reid, Corena Chase, and Lynae Steinhagen

There is a well of untapped potential inside you, just waiting to be unleashed.

Everyone has superpowers when they are a child. We tend to lose them as we grow up, but they’re always there, right below the surface, ready for us to reactivate them and fully manifest our human potential.

Learn to reclaim your own superhero birthright with The Five Lost Superpowers.

As you grew up, you were taught to dampen the natural strength of your Curiosity, Resilience, Authenticity, Compassion, and Playfulness. Understand why you came to believe that powers don’t fit in a “grown-up” world, and discover how to reignite them to unlock your best self.

Chapter by chapter, you’ll explore the innate leadership tool belt you forgot you had and reconnect with the leader you were born to be—the kind of leader and person who knows how to activate superpowers in themselves and everyone around them.

Press & Praise

Jennifer Garner, Co-Founder of Once Upon A Farm, Ambassador and Board Member of Save the Children, actress

As a true believer in the unique superpowers of children, I was thrilled by this exploration of ways we can reclaim and harness those same powers as adults and leaders who want to be and do good in the world. The authors don't pretend that qualities such as Authenticity, Resilience, and Compassion come easily to grown-ups, but they thoughtfully illustrate that each and every one of us has access to the power we carry.

Genevieve Piturro, Founder of Pajama Program and author of Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas.

What's happened to those innate gifts of childhood that were sure to bring us joy and success as adults? The authors identify five 'superpowers' we've lost along the way and cleverly reveal how they've been wiped out. Curiosity, Authenticity, Resilience, Compassion, and Playfulness all still need a place in our adult lives in order for us to thrive. And it's not too late—thankfully, there are some ideas here on how we can reintroduce them into our lives and recapture some of the happiness that's escaped us.

David Gau, Partner and Head of Operations at Pritzker Private Capital

JMReid Group authors tap into an interesting premise that as we 'develop into adulthood,' we actually forsake the very powerful skills that naturally lie within us all as children. The power of Curiosity is especially relevant. I see a strong correlation in the best leaders I know and their undying and lifelong curiosity. The trait imbues their leadership style with a sense of the possible, tempers the arrogance that often comes with intellect, and drives a narrative of aspiration that inspires organizations.

Who are the JMRG Four? 

Wherever authenticity and compassion have been forgotten…wherever curiosity is stifled or playfulness is banned…wherever resilience finds itself in peril…the champions of the JMRG Four will be there to answer the call. (Literally. They all have cell phones.)

Together, John Reid, Andrew Reid, Corena Chase, and Lynae Steinhagen have sworn to help restore the lost superpowers of humanity—and to have a lot of fun along the way. They hope you find this book as enjoyable to read as it was to write. You can find them online at

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