Money Mind

Brayden Sutton

Losing money is an unavoidable part of trading. Losing your sanity shouldn’t be.

Financial freedom can feel elusive. Achieving it through speculation, for many, seems like a dream even further out of reach. Where do you start? How do you learn? Are there ways to mitigate risk?

B.R. Sutton learned portfolio management the hard way. Like many traders, at first he was in it strictly for the money. But after ten years of making money and losing it, learning and growing, Sutton gained what he was lacking in his life: autonomy. Now, he’s helping others learn the financial lessons he’s learned, starting with the mental framework necessary for success in trading and life. In Money Mind, Sutton shares his journey, along with strategies for creating independence and the tools to maintain it. You’ll learn ancient principles that enable you to become a good steward of money, enjoy speculation, and bounce back from defeat stronger than before. Now is the time to decide who and what you want to be. No matter your age or profession, Money Mind is your chance to gain perspective and live life on your terms.

B.R. Sutton is a self-made speculator, volatility and metals trader, acquisition entrepreneur, and lifelong student of the markets. With more than two decades of business experience, Sutton has founded several companies and invested in hundreds of individual startups. A pilot, psychonaut, and mental health advocate, he lives in British Columbia with his wife, three children, and five dogs.

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