Quit Getting Screwed

Karalynn Cromeens

It’s time for subcontractors to Quit Getting Screwed.

Every day, subcontractors across all trades face the same critical dilemma:

Should I sign a subcontract I don’t understand—one that might even put my company at risk? Or should I refuse to sign and lose the job?

Attorney Karalynn Cromeens wrote Quit Getting Screwed to help every subcontractor, no matter how big or how small, understand what those subcontracts mean.

Know which provisions you should expect and which ones to avoid. Identify dangerous provisions that need to be removed, learn the best negotiation techniques, and come to the table armed with fair language that can be substituted for unfair clauses.

Signing a subcontract you don’t understand can put your entire livelihood in jeopardy. If you’re a subcontractor, don’t sign another subcontracting agreement without knowing what it means.

Keep this book in your pocket, and quit getting screwed.

For more information go to: https://subcontractorinstitute.com/.

Amazing wife, outstanding mother to three super talented daughters, small business owner, and committed leader to over twenty employees, Karalynn has been a licensed attorney for over fifteen years. She has spent her entire legal career in construction litigation, advising countless clients on how to stay out of litigation in the construction industry.

Karalynn has reviewed thousands of subcontracts, breaking them down so her clients would understand exactly what they were signing, and giving those clients tips and advice on how to negotiate the best subcontract possible. Now she’s offering that same advice to you in Quit Getting Screwed.

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