A World Of Impact

Cara France

“I’ve learned from nearly everyone I’ve crossed paths with. YPO brings out the best in those who join.”

—David Krane, CEO and managing partner at Google Ventures

“If you can demonstrate from the inside out how well an inclusive environment works, it sets the stage for progress in the greater world.”

—Christa Quarles, CEO of OpenTable

Today’s CEO has a unique opportunity to impact lives, industries, and the world in very real ways. Yet most have few peers to turn to for guidance and perspective.

Since 1950, YPO has helped CEOs engage, learn, and grow. In A World of ImpactCara France shares powerful stories from members of the YPO Golden Gate chapter. One of YPO’s most diverse and innovative chapters, YPO Golden Gate was the first to embrace 100 percent mixed-gender forums as the norm. With this broader perspective, its CEOs report greater insight, awareness, and empathy—at work and at home—positively impacting the businesses, communities, and lives they lead.

Cara France is the co-founder and CEO of The Sage Group and creator of Marketers That Matter. One of San Francisco Bay Area’s largest women-owned companies, The Sage Group is an award-winning professional services firm with a roster of clients that include dozens of Silicon Valley’s premiere technology companies, largest banks, and leading global brands. Cara was recognized as Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011 by the Women’s Initiative and is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review. She is a member of YPO Golden Gate and served as forum officer for several years.

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