The Family—Business Balancing Act

Patrick Cummings

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”
—Albert Einstein

If you’re an entrepreneur with a family, the pull between professional prestige and a happy home life can be overwhelming. It’s a balancing act seemingly impossible to perfect, one forcing you to constantly reevaluate priorities. What is truly important? How do I create a happy, fulfilling life?

What is real success?

You can be a good family man and profitable businessman. You can live a life with no regrets, stress, or self-doubt—you just need to know how. In The Family-Business Balancing Act, husband, father, entrepreneur, and business coach Patrick Cummings provides an inspiring guide that helps entrepreneurs gain perspective and take steps toward achieving harmony in their lives. He takes you through his own journey, showing how he got it wrong and the changes he made to get it right. You’ll learn how to recognize imbalance, evaluate personal and professional goals, and establish simple habits that improve important connections and ensure quality time with those you love. Each day is an opportunity for healthy change. The Family-Business Balancing Act is a pragmatic resource for every entrepreneur who wants to learn how to practice the principles that guide them.

Patrick Cummings is an entrepreneur, business coach, and wealth management advisor committed to helping others balance their lives for happier outcomes. He worked in the corporate world for twelve years before deciding, when his children were toddlers, to start his own business and gain control of his time. An active member of his community, Patrick lives in Washington State with his wife, Brooke.

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