Listening for Growth

Matty Wishnow

Entrepreneurs all want the same thing: growth. Exceptional growth. Rapid growth. Only recently though, in the age of lean startups and growth hacks, have we begun to think that there might be a formula for achieving it.

Still, the failure rate for startups is unprecedented. Our world is flooded with ruined businesses, broken entrepreneurs, discarded products, and failed A/B tests. With all our data and SaaS and algorithms, what are we missing? Why do some startups succeed while most fail? What separates the entrepreneurs who thrive from the many who stumble? What if the secret to growth is not a secret at all, but as simple as learning to listen?

In Listening for GrowthMatty Wishnow answers these questions and confronts the fallacies of prevailing startup methods, offering an alternative in which entrepreneurs and their startups grow healthy, together. There is no shortcut to growth, no magical hack or unicorn’s path. But there is a practice that will work for any founder and any organization willing to lean out, tune in, and listen.

Press & Praise

Sam Decker, Co-founder of Bazaarvoice and Mass Relevance

If 'growth at all costs' costs too much, this is the guide for healthy growth—for startups, their founders, their people, and their products.

Danny Warshay, Executive Director of the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University and author of See, Solve, Scale.

In Listening for Growth, Matty Wishnow helps you master the most important skill in entrepreneurship that too often we overlook or forget: the skill of listening. Doing so is harder and more important than you think. Reading this book will pay enormous dividends in the growth of any entrepreneurial venture.

Adrian Covey, CEO at Beam, former Chief Growth and Strategy Officer at Accenture Song

Listening for Growth is required reading for entrepreneurs at any stage in their journey. It delivers actionable insights on sustainable business and interpersonal growth.

Matty Wishnow is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Insound, Drillteam, and Clearhead, the last of which was named one of Austin’s fastest-growing startups and best places to work by Austin Business Journal. After selling Clearhead to Accenture Interactive, Matty served as the Managing Director of Experience Design and Optimization. He currently works with multiple startups and resides with his wife and three children in Austin, Texas, and Waitsfield, Vermont. When not working or parenting, he can be found poring over advanced baseball statistics and listening to music from 1977. His writings on baseball and music can be found at

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