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Prosperity is often associated with your financial wellbeing, but it’s so much more than that. Money is a tool to unlock freedom in your life, but it’s not capable of giving you fulfillment in the long-term. If you chase money, there’s a chance you could lose your relationships or end up with a job you absolutely hate. Ethan Willis and Randy Garn have seen this play out time after time with clients who’ve lost sight of their guiding inner light—that Polaris Point—or who’ve never taken the time to establish one in the first place.

In ProsperEthan and Randy lay out six practices that will guide you to your Polaris Point and lead you down the path to true prosperity. This step-by-step guide shows you how to create the life you really want, one where you’ve achieved balance between making money, doing what you love, and ensuring it’s sustainable. By following the steps in Prosper, you’ll not only discover what you were put on this earth to do—you’ll receive specific guidance on how to create lasting change in your life.

Press & Praise

Rachel and Dave Hollis, #1 New York Times bestsellers and CEOs of The Hollis Company

"Ethan Willis and Randy Garn have found a winning recipe for consistent business success through an intentional focus on the under-celebrated business traits of humility, kindness, and empathy, as much as their discipline and strategic savvy. Their eye for the humanity in business is a model for us all to take notice of and replicate."

Stedman Graham, chairman and CEO, S. Graham & Associates, and bestselling author of You Can Make It Happen and Teens Can Make It Happen

"The message of Prosper demonstrates the leadership of the authors in their commitment to helping people create the life they really want. The practical and immediately useful approach will guide people onto their path to prosperity and help them follow it!"

Harvey Mackay, author of Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

"Ethan and Randy have developed a nearly 500-person company that has helped people all around the world find their own path to prosperity. With the action-oriented wisdom they have accumulated distilled simply in this easy-to-read book, Prosper is your opportunity to liberate yourself toward the work and life you've always dreamed of. I know, because they are helping me too!"

"Prosper is the perfect book for these uncertain times. You'll thank Ethan Willis and Randy Garn for their practical guide to your own path to achieving the life you want. It's never too late to Prosper!"

Randy Garn is a New York Times bestselling author, passionate entrepreneur, and high performance coach. He is also a founding partner at Prosper Inc. and a partner at High Performance Institute. Randy specializes in guiding leaders through personal and professional transformation. Randy loves his wife, Charlotte, their four beautiful daughters, and two rowdy boys.

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