Stop Starting Over

Devan Kline

Lose, gain, fast, feast, work out, and give up. Too often, the quest for a fitter lifestyle can feel like a never-ending cycle of failure. The truth is that the key to changing your body isn’t finding a magic exercise or diet strategy–it’s about fundamentally changing your mindset.

Devan Kline, founder of Burn Boot Camp, takes an integrative approach to fitness that transcends workout and diet routines. By identifying deeply rooted psychological obstacles, he has helped countless people build a healthier and more fulfilled life. In Stop Starting Over, he draws on personal experiences, coaching lessons, and practical strategies you can use to create lasting change and never start over again!

  • Design your life
  • Create lasting change
  • Discover your passion and purpose
  • Turn belief into action and results
  • Conquer common excuses
  • Develop life-transforming strategies
  • And more

Success is 90 percent psychology and 10 percent strategy. With Devan’s techniques, you’ll master your mind, body, and spirit to build the happy, healthy life you deserve!

Press & Praise

Mike Hartshorne, Franchise Partner, Burn Boot Camp

"Stop Starting Over is a great resource for anyone who is seeking fact-based inspiration for their commitment to personal health and fitness. Drawing on years of personal experience, passion, and formal training, Devan provides a wealth of information and advice on nutrition and exercise/activity protocols that can be immediately applied both by individuals just beginning their fitness journey as well as by the more experienced and seasoned. As an original member of the "parking lot" crew, I have personally witnessed profound transformations of individuals impacted by Devan's practical approach to living a healthier life. His book is a must-read for those looking to begin their fitness regimen and for those looking to transform their lives."

Jason Miller, COO, Tenth Power Investments

"If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill fitness book that tells you what to eat and provides you with some typical motivational sayings, then this is not the book for you! Stop Starting Over dives deep into the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of creating a life of absolute happiness. This book is like having an experienced personal life coach in the palm of your hand. Devan has created a comprehensive tool--based on his own personal experiences in helping thousands of people across the United States through his Burn Boot Camp fitness empire--on how to get and maintain a healthy mind and body for life. This is a must-read for anyone looking to chisel away at negativity and hopelessness and get on the path to a fulfilling life of positivity and lasting change. 'Keep Moving!'"

Aubrey Miller, Insurance Agent, Worgess Insurance Agency

"If you're looking for a way to improve the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your life and create a life of pure happiness, then this is the book for you! I have personally struggled with the proper mental mindset and self-confidence and have always chosen the easy way out. I have spoken with Devan personally about some of my struggles, but having his insight anytime I need it in the form of a book has helped me tremendously. This book will help you overcome your struggles and allow you to 'Keep Moving' in a positive direction."

Devan Kline

Devan Kline and his wife, Morgan, are cofounders of Burn Boot Camp, a fitness empire they started in a parking lot at twenty-four years old. Devan integrates a revolutionary approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health that is changing the world. Burn Boot Camp already serves hundreds of locations, with plans to open thousands of locations globally over the coming years. The Klines reside in Cornelius, North Carolina, with their daughter, son, and two German Shepherds.

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