F*ck Me Running (a Business)!

Nolan Garrett

At twenty-three, Nolan Garrett founded a thriving company and began living the life he always dreamed of. After several years, it seemed he’d reached “success,” arriving astoundingly quicker than most entrepreneurs. But something wasn’t right—and he wasn’t the only one who knew it.

Vision. Culture. Accountability. These three elements are the intangible requirements for an enduring business. But if you’re a young entrepreneur or executive—like Nolan was—who has the ideas but lacks experience, ensuring your company’s success and your own means acquiring leadership strategies you’ve never learned before.

In F*ck Me Running (a Business)!, Nolan teaches you the lessons you need to build an unshakable business. He knows the mistakes you’ll make because he’s made them all himself. Now, after more than a decade, Nolan leads a multimillion-dollar business with fifty team members committed to common goals. Nolan will show you how to communicate your company’s underlying values, cultivate a culture with strong partnerships, and rely less on technical prowess and more on the leader within. Shorten the gap between day one and perpetual prosperity with this guidebook to entrepreneurship, health, and long-term happiness.

Press & Praise

Dr. Steve Garske, CIO of a major healthcare organization

"Nolan Garrett seeks to help you avoid many pitfalls in leadership through his clear and candid style. Highly recommended!"

Steven Weiss, General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer, Roosevelt Investments

"Mistakes are a part of every leadership journey. In his personal book, Nolan Garrett provides real-world examples of growing as a leader--and a path to avoid his same mistakes as you embark on your leadership journey."

Joshua Dahlstrom, transformational success coach and author of rePURPOSE your MIND

"Building a business is hard. Nolan's engaging way of explaining how to overcome business challenges will get you on the right track. These lessons will be your guide in building your own success without going through the pain and frustration that comes from learning as you grow.

This book is essential advice on real-world business and how to avoid the most common problems entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners face."

Nolan Garrett is the Founder and CEO of Intrinium, a firm dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive consulting and managed services in security solutions and information technology. Voted Best Place to Work Inland Northwest for three consecutive years, Intrinium has distinguished itself as a leader in IT solutions and workplace culture.

Nolan is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and the Information Systems Security Association, among other organizations. With CIO and CISO experience and a background that includes multimillion-dollar cybersecurity transformations, Nolan provides specialized insight for businesses large and small in a variety of industries.

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