Come Back To Bed

Mark Kinsley & Mark Quinn

What does it take for today’s independent retailers to survive and thrive?

Retail is experiencing a massive transition. Thousands of independent retailers have been bobbing in the ocean, clinging to planks of splintered wood and struggling to stay afloat.

Today, those who remain have washed ashore on a new island, and the rules have changed. But where there’s life, there’s hope, as long as you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

In Come Back to BedMark Kinsley and Mark Quinn offer strategies and principles retailers can use to forge lasting customer relationships that will weather any storm.

Bring in new business and reclaim your path to success (and profits!) as you learn how to build your brand, connect with customers in a more meaningful way, drive foot traffic, and become notorious in your marketplace.

Mark Kinsley is President and CEO of Englander, a top-15 US mattress company founded in 1894. Furniture Today called him one of its 20 People to Watch, and Home Furnishings Business recognized him as one of its Forty Under 40. Mark Quinn is the Co-founder of Spink & Co, Farm-Grown Beds, and the VP of Key Accounts and Marketing for Sherwood Bedding. He’s a top industry blogger at Q’s Views and holds pioneering patents in biometric sleep-space technology. Together, they co-host Dos Marcos, The Galaxy’s Greatest Mattress Podcast (, with more than 185 episodes and hundreds of thousands of listens. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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