Randall Powers and Dr. Donte Vaughn

Company culture (noun) kuhm-puh-nee kuhl-cher : The values leaders and employees share, language they use, behaviors they display, and connections they have that establish how they engage and interact in the workplace.

Company culture influences the roles and responsibilities of every employee within the organization, from executive leadership down to the front lines. A strong, healthy company culture drives productivity and raises profitability, and disengaged employees cost companies billions, yet many executives rarely associate their culture with their bottom line.

Today, employee engagement stakes are higher than ever because executives have to consider the impact their company culture has on external stakeholders as well. Investors, consumers, and even the government are now interested in whether the organizations they do business with have values that align with theirs and demonstrate behaviors that match those values.

Executive leadership must define company culture and understand how to implement it and, ultimately, measure and improve it. In From CULTURE to CULTUREDr. Donte Vaughn and Randall Powers introduce their culture performance management methodology and present a behavior-driven system to operationalize company culture and increase employee engagement.

Press & Praise

Reginald Bean, Vice President of Culture and Engagement at Coca-Cola Consolidated

Finally, a framework and processes for how to treat employees equally and engage them intentionally to create meaningful experience while adding value to their career journey.

Bobby Harris, COO of Instinct Pet Foods

Adherence to stated cultural aspirations starts with leaders who demonstrate by example. Gimmicks, gaming of surveys, and other tactics are quickly sniffed out by teammates. Living this out takes humble, transparent, honest leadership at all levels. Donte and Randall are vanguards to making cultural aspirations attainable.

Peter Brown, CEO of Seaboard

Excellence is a journey, not a destination...The key is to have a sound systematic approach toward fact-based cycles of improvement...Randall and the Powers team have created a cultural performance management process designed to do just that: Define the current state; define the desired state; and define the systematic approach, deployment plan, and measurement system to take the organization on the journey of cultural excellence.

Randall Powers started POWERS, a “boots on the ground” facilitation firm focused on delivering significant financial and operational value creation by optimizing culture and performance, in 2009 and currently serves as a Managing Partner. He is also a founding member of CultureWorx, a technology company that enables organizations to proactively develop, implement, measure, and improve the leadership skills needed to optimize employee engagement, inclusion, and equity.

Dr. Donte Vaughn, DM, is an expert in organizational leadership, workforce management, and company culture. He has served as a senior-level executive and business strategist for companies throughout the US and abroad and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at CultureWorx and Executive Advisor and Culture Strategist at POWERS.

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