Soul Selfish

Jane Wyker

Jane Wyker’s memoir Soul Selfish shows the way to happiness comes from within instead of looking to others to supply it.

Jane remained a ”good girl” into her mid-thirties, bent on pleasing others in the hope of receiving love. This all changed when she embarked on a courageous and passionate inner journey that led her to ownership of her talents, self-reliance and self-love.

Through insightful and spiritually uplifting stories, Jane invites us on her passage from “good girl” to empowered woman, as she slays the personal demons that many have yet to confront.

Let Jane’s journey inspire the possibility for you to become soul selfish, ever more willing to connect to your truth—your soul.

Press & Praise

Ira Joe Fisher, Journalist and Author of The Creek at the End of the Lawns and others

"To find happiness in your world, first find it in yourself. That's the lesson Jane has learned. And teaches. While honoring herself, she encourages you to honor yourself. With a gift for story and a pen that writes with a smile and heart, Jane courageously listens to her "soul's whisper" and shares profound words that are noble and wise.... and become a book I will not forget."

Jane Wyker

In her first book, Jane Wyker shares the vast experience of her 46-year inner journey. Working in over a dozen disciplines, she had the courage and faith to follow the guidance of many teachers and, ultimately, her own soul. Now 80 and still learning, she models a life prioritizing happiness that sources from within.

A graduate of Cornell University and former elementary school teacher, Jane was a pioneer in parent education, opening her Parents School in the 1970s. That soon led to her 29-year Family Counseling practice that dealt with marriage, parenting, self-development, career and loss.

Jane later presented seminars in Fortune 500 companies, helping employees balance their work and family lives. She intimately understood this challenge, raising four children on her own while managing a thriving career and pursuing her spiritual growth. Jane saw that when selfish enough to live from her soul, love and wisdom flow. She believes that is true for all of us.

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