Don’t Be a Stranger

Lawrence Perkins

Some people have all the luck…

When you’re talented, hardworking, and good at your job, it can be frustrating to see your colleagues and peers getting ahead while you remain stuck. Or to watch with envy as your boss chats on the phone, has long lunches, and clocks out early to do something fun with her friends. Meanwhile, you’re stuck grinding away the hours at work, wondering how to leverage your skills and experience to take your career to the next level.

In those moments, you ask yourself: What secret do they know that I don’t?

In Don’t Be a StrangerLawrence Perkins answers that question. If you want to create your own luck in business—rather than relying on others to propel your career—then strategic relationship building should be your focus. You’ll learn simple techniques for developing a community of people around you that will enrich your career as well as your life. We still do business with those we know, like, and trust, and in this social media age, nothing can duplicate the power of real-life relationships.

Press & Praise

Coach Keren Eldad, TEDx speaker, author, and ICF certified coach

"Larry Perkins is winning in business, and will win you over with this book; he has written a must-read primer for anyone whose business depends on networking--which is everyone. This guide is full of bite-sized, important information and concrete, actionable methodology for those who want to enjoy networking rather than feel a knot in their stomach each time they think about it. Read this book and learn from one of the best."

Jim Ellis, former dean, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

"Larry has taken the art of building strategic relationships to a scientific level, explaining all the nuances. He does it in an easygoing manner, using many useful examples. A good read, but an even better guide to working with people to maximize success."

Eva Yazhari, author, CEO of Beyond Capital, co-host of the Beyond Capital Podcast, and founder of The Conscious Investor

"We are all undeniably connected in our increasingly purpose-driven world. With its clarity, common sense, and humor, Don't Be A Stranger is a modern business playbook that reminds us that when we are all connected, good things can happen. This book centers people in the world of business and normalizes how our networks can help us thrive. Larry Perkins offers up his indispensable guidebook built on decades of success so that we can all take strategic action to build and nurture better relationships, and support one another to a greater degree. Perkins's book is a compelling read for anyone looking to take their work, and life, to the next level. And I cannot think of a more opportune time for us all to harness the power of the communities around us."

Lawrence Perkins

Lawrence Perkins founded what is now SierraConstellation Partners at age twenty-nine with few connections and very little capital. Lawrence grew SCP into a nationwide management consulting group serving nearly 100 large companies in their times of most dire need. Today, Lawrence is a recognized industry leader who’s spoken at major industry conferences and has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, CNN, CNBC, and the Washington Post. Outside of work, Lawrence has built a remarkable life with his wife and daughter that includes interests ranging from reading and writing, singing and dancing, to cooking and running.

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