You Can Be Yourself Here

DDS Dobson-Smith

Your inclusive business culture starts here.

Does your company or organization have trouble attracting and retaining people from diverse and underrepresented communities? Does your organizational culture suffer from low morale, exclusive cliques, or microaggressions you don’t know how to address?

You Can Be Yourself Here lays out the deep psychology of our need to belong, its critical impact on workplace performance, and the practical steps any organization can take to make everyone feel welcome and included.

Learn how diversity and representation can lead to a greater experience of belonging for everyone. Glean insights from interviews with real employees speaking openly about their workplace experiences. Discover how to facilitate a culture of belonging, with practical tips for creating inclusive workplaces where people can show up as themselves.

If you’re a founder, leader, or HR practitioner who wants all your employees to feel welcome and fully included at work, You Can Be Yourself Here provides the tools you need to start making that shift today.

Press & Praise

Brandon Friesen, CEO at Just Global

DDS is a business and cultural impact maker. They help organizations to transform through an extremely rare blend of emotional intelligence and practical business acumen. DDS's people-driven models are easy to digest, yet help solve complex challenges facing the global organizations of today. This book is a must-read for all business leaders looking to create the conditions for their people—and their business—to be successful.

Jennifer Remling, Global Chief People Officer at WPP

DDS has a magical way of looking at all perspectives. They have used their unique vantage point to create this incredible book, which is based on their own experiences and the powerful work they've done with clients. Read this book—and learn from one of the best on the topic of belonging and inclusion.

DeAngela Cooks and Taunya Black, Co-Founders of The Mosaic Collaborative, a consultancy that ignites change, uplifts voices, centers the margins, enhances access, creates equity, increases inclusion, and supports organizational transformation

You Can Be Yourself Here helps leaders become curious about how their positionality in society impacts how they show up at work, and acts as a first step in the journey of understanding how individuals consciously and unconsciously contribute to upholding systems of oppression.

DDS has spent the last twenty-five years introducing individuals, teams, and organizations to the fundamental joys and benefits of belonging. The founder of the executive coaching consultancy Soul Trained, they were a registered neuro-linguistic psychotherapist before moving to the US. They are certified as an Executive Coach by the Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring.

Before founding Soul Trained, DDS held a range of senior, executive, and C-suite roles across a host of sectors and companies, including Marks & Spencer Plc; Eurostar International; Crossrail Ltd (building a new railway through London); Sony Music Entertainment; and Essence Global, part of the world’s largest advertising company, WPP.

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