Mi Kyung Kim

Author MK Kim was one of Korea’s most sought-after motivational speakers. For more than twenty-eight years, she was a corporate speaker, as well as a television and YouTube personality, speaking on the subjects of human relationships, communication, and personal growth.

Then, in January of 2020, her career came to a screeching halt. The coronavirus and social distancing shut down every major speaking venue around the world.

Determined to find a new way to do the work she so dearly loved, MK Kim set out on a virtual quest. She interviewed dozens of experts, read hundreds of books, pored over thousands of pages of reports, and listened to the stories of countless people whose lives and jobs had been impacted by COVID-19.
In doing so, she discovered a four-part formula that was working, time and again, to help people adapt to a post-coronavirus world. Reboot: Your COVID-19 Quick-Start Guide to Life, Work, and Hope, lays out this proven formula, step by step, to help you reboot your own life and learn to thrive again.

Press & Praise

Jim Rogers is an international investor and the author of Street Smarts.

"The Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages express the word 'crisis' by including the characters that represent both danger and opportunity. We do not have such a word in the West. Reboot combines ancient and modern Asian wisdom to help us understand how to learn and prosper from disasters."

Jared Diamond is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel, Collapse, and other international bestselling books.

"Although it is seventeen times more densely populated than the US, South Korea has suffered proportionately far fewer Covid deaths than has the US. Why? Could advice that has helped stressed-out Koreans also help stressed-out Americans? This is the first book that the famous Korean author MK Kim is publishing in the US. See for yourself how Kim's advice to Koreans about how to reboot their lives can help you and other Americans!"

Samuel Martell "Sam" Richards, Ph.D. HPS, is a sociologist working at Pennsylvania State University. His work focuses on race and ethnicity.

"MK Kim has an extraordinary ability to step inside my mind and heart and shine a light on the best parts of myself. In fact, each time I have picked up and read from Reboot, I have found inspiration that I was beginning to believe was no longer possible at this point in my life. MK Kim is a human treasure who has only been known to her audience and fans in Korea, but with this book, those of us in the English-speaking world can finally have an opportunity to experience this insightful and energetic visionary. I'm so happy to see this book available to my friends and students."

Today, MK Kim creates and uploads videos on her YouTube channel, Kim Mi-kyung TV; helps people grow their dreams as the dean of the online college MKYU; and runs the Growmom Foundation, dedicated to empowering single moms. Her other books include One Word That Saved Me, Mom’s Lesson on Self-esteem, Kim Mi-kyung’s Dream On, A Sister’s Poignant Advice, and A Wife with Dreams Doesn’t Grow Old.

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